BigSis sustainable insect control solutions are based on the proven and powerful sterile insect technique (SIT). Our season-long control service includes releases, so it is hassle-free and compatible with other integrated pest management (IPM) inputs. BigSis SIT solutions work preventatively, giving the potential for significant yield improvement.

season control graph
BigSis achieved season-long control and up to 91% suppression of SWD
SWD graph results 2023
SWD graph results 2023

Spotted wing drosophila (SWD)

SWD is an invasive pest of high-value soft fruit including strawberries, raspberries and cherries. The progressive ripening of these crops makes it difficult to treat with chemical insecticides. Growers are therefore additionally spending thousands of pounds per hectare on additional labour to harvest fruit more frequently.

BigSis is leading the world in bringing a farm-scale SIT solution to the market to control SWD. Furthermore, our solution is non-GM and non-toxic as well as species-specific, so perfect for use alongside other biocontrols. It is already approved for sale in England and four USA states.

Our world-first field trial in 2021 was a great success, achieving season-long control and demonstrating up to 91% suppression of SWD. We treated a 7-hectare field of everbearing strawberries grown in open polytunnels in Kent, UK.

The results were published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Insects. See

For further information, see the press release and videos on our News page.

Codling moth

Codling moth is the principal pest of the 6.3m hectares of apples and pears grown worldwide. Currently, only about 5,000 hectares are treated by SIT due to its relatively high cost.

The BigSis codling moth SIT solution is a ‘super-generic’ – we improve on currently available services in two ways. Firstly we release only males and secondly, they have greater sterility. Both differences increase solution efficacy and boost the return on investment for growers.

The BigSis codling moth solution is proven in the lab and will soon be trialled in the field.

codling moth larvae
Codling moth male (top) and female larvae
olive fly
Olive fly

Future agriculture pest targets

BigSis automated sterile male insect production systems can be readily adapted from one species to another. So we will build a broad portfolio of solutions quickly.

BigSis plans to develop control solutions for olive fly (pictured), European grapevine moth, fall armyworm and many more. The light regulatory requirement for our environmentally benign, non-GMO solution ensures speed to market.


Around $5bn is spent globally to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is the main vector of dengue and Zika. Over 40 species of Anopheles mosquitoes transmit human malaria; they caused 450,000 deaths in 2017 despite malaria prevention spend of $3.1bn.

BigSis SIT solutions to control these mosquitoes will be unique in their adaptability to sibling species.

Anopheles mosquito

Effective Chemical-Free Solutions

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